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Lighting the Tower

Lighting the Tower

Ever wondered why Emirates Spinnaker Tower is illuminated in different colours or how we manage to do that? Then look no further!

Month Date Event/reason Colour
March 3rd Light the Night for Amyloidosis Awareness Campaign Red
March 11th Endometriosis Awareness Month


March 12th World Kidney Day Orange
March  13th Sport Relief Red
March 17th St Patrick’s Day Green
March  20th  Private Hire Blue and Yellow

The show lighting can be booked for corporate or private events. Please contact our Hospitality team if you are interested in this service.

If you are interested in requesting lighting for a charity event, please click here to find out more.

Lighting Types

Obstruction (more commonly known as aircraft) warning lights.

These are the red lights that can be seen from all around the area and above – these lights never change colour.

Feature lighting

These illuminate the base of the Tower, including the back, bottom of the bows and either side and bottom of the legs.

These lights are white. This system is used alongside the show lighting system every day.

Show lighting

The show lighting are the lights we can control to change the main colour that the Tower is illuminated.

These are the lights we are referring to when we say ‘lighting the Tower’. They cannot be seen from as far away due to the nature of the lamps/light fittings used. The show lighting comes on 15 minutes before sunset and switches off at 11pm.