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Sky Walk

Sky Walk

Are you brave enough to venture across our glass Sky Walk?! The Sky Walk is located in the middle of view deck 1, 100 metres above the harbour.  It is made of 3 layers of glass totalling just 60 mm in depth but is strong enough to hold a total weight of 288 stone – the equivalent of 2 black rhinos! Looking down through the glass gives you a whole new perspective on the harbour below.  Feel free to walk, jump or even dance across but do remember to take off your shoes, as we endeavour to keep the glass as clear as possible for the best viewing experience. If you’re feeling a nervous, don’t worry – there is still plenty of room to walk around the outside of the Sky Walk and enjoy the view without venturing across.  We do recommend you have a try though!

Also included in your general admission ticket…

Sail of the Solent

Before you head to the view decks, enjoy our short film introducing the history of the city of Portsmouth.

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