Lighting Requests at Spinnaker Tower


Light up Spinnaker Tower for something or someone close to your heart

The 170 meter Iconic Spinnaker Tower lit at night is a spectacular sight and we’re delighted to be able to offer the opportunity to light it up for those looking to raise awareness for a charity, to tell someone they love them or to deliver a special message. 

Corporate events and personal celebrations

Lighting for corporate events such as product launches, or for personal celebrations such as birthdays & anniversaries can be arranged please book here

Gender Reveal

Choose the Gender Reveal show, build the anticipation with our customised show to dazzle your friends & family please book here

Charity Illumination

We are able to offer a 50% discount for charitable requests, please book here

Get in touch about Tower Illumination

Whether individuals, groups or organizations, for a fee of £200, we can light up the tower. To request illuminations please complete the attached Enquiry Form & email our Events team at  

Please note that Spinnaker Tower will not light for political figures and campaigns.