Sky Dining Recipe – Dessert

Our Sky Dining events are going to be a culinary treat, with our guest chef Steph Moon delivering seven delicious courses served 100 metres up! To get a taste of Sky Dining at home, we’re sharing a part of the dessert recipe with you – read on to learn how to make Peach Panacotta accompanied by a Peach Flambe and served with Minghella ice cream…

Peach Pannacotta

3 gelatine leaves

250 ml milk

250 ml double cream

1 vanilla pod split

20 g caster sugar

1 peach peeled and finely chopped


  • Place the gelatine in cold water to soak until it has “Bloomed” or softened
  • Place the milk cream and sugar and split the vanilla pod removing the seeds and add into the pan and bring to the boil
  • Add the gelatine and once melted place in a bowl to cool
  • Once cool, place into the fridge and begin to set in a bowl, stirring regularly until the pannacotta goes like a vanillary scrambled mess
  • Now add the chopped peaches. The reason we do this is so that the chopped peaches and the vanilla pod seeds are evenly dispersed throughout the pannacotta. Allow to set in the moulds or ramekin dishes.

 Peach Flambé

4 Peaches
150 g caster sugar
60 g whole butter
1 shot of Amber Liqueur or Brandy


  • Remove the stones from the peaches and cut into wedges
  • Melt 150 g caster sugar in a frying pan
  • Add the Peach pieces, and then add 60 g whole butter
  • Next add 1 shot of Amber Liqueur and ignite

Minghella Ice cream

We are using a Minghella Cloud 9 ice cream to serve with our pudding plate but if you cannot get your hands on this Isle of Wight specialty, other ice creams will do.

Enjoy! Share your photos of your Peach Plate creations with us on Facebook or Twitter. .