My Favourite Food with Stephanie Moon

My Favourite Food with Stephanie Moon

My Favourite Food with Stephanie Moon. Find out more about the acclaimed cook’s personal food favourites!

We’re excited to welcome Stephanie Moon as the Guest Chef at our Sky Dining events this summer. As a top chef, Steph has sampled a large selection of food during her cooking career. But everyone has their favourites and we set out to find what Steph’s ultimate food heaven would include…

What’s your favourite meal?

Wow that is a tricky one – how to choose! I guess it comes down to so many things – the season, the weather and the mood.

On a nice day this summer, when I’m at the Spinnaker Tower for the Sky Dining events, nothing will be better than some locally caught Solent Seabass.

Which three foods would you take to a desert island?

Hey, great where are we going?!

I guess there would be lots of fish and perhaps interesting fruits and vegetables and the odd wild beast where we are going so this is quite easy
(1) Salt to season the foods I would cook (but only lightly!)

(2) Flour to make some flat bread and BBQ it golden to make my shark sandwiches with!

(3)And Butter because everything tastes better with the addition of a little butter!!!

What about comfort food? When you’ve had a bad day, what do you come home to eat?

Easy, a bowl of mashed potatoes – yum!

Are you a sweet or savoury person?

Both – savoury is all about the meats and fish, great vegetables and cheese. I love cheese and breads too.
Sweet – well surprisingly, not chocolate but fruits are what I prefer and when I travel to Portsmouth, I always have a bag of wine gums in the car.

Finally, what is your food hate? Is there anything you refuse to eat?

If it is highly processed, chances are it will taste poor so I try to avoid things like that.