Kerrie and Anthony

Kerrie and Anthony tied the knot at the Spinnaker Tower in the spring of 2018 in what was a very unique celebration.

After viewing various venues in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas, Kerrie and Anthony decided that it was the Spinnaker Tower that held a special place in their hearts.

“It was very different venue to others in the area, and as Portsmouth and the Solent is home to us, we felt the view from the Tower allowed us to marry in ‘the heart’ of the area we love.”

But it was not just the view from the inside of the Tower that swayed the couple’s decision; it was the view from the exterior of the 170m iconic landmark as Kerrie and Anthony became the first couple to abseil on their wedding day, much to the surprise of their guests! Kerrie recalls what it was that made them take the big leap.

“We were aiming for a different experience and we knew this would achieve it. We both love heights so the venue and activity really delivered on this, and absolutely we would do it again (and again, and again ….)

“It was a lot of fun; more so as we were the only two who knew about it. I think the staff were excellent – they really embraced keeping the secret and creating the build up to the reveal. I recall they said they would usually announce the arrival of the ‘bride and groom’ when the wedding party switches floors and they thought it was great fun to stay true to this process, but instead of opening the doors to show no one was coming through to be welcomed, they said “please welcome your bride and groom, on the outside to the left – go and wave!”. It just made the day feel very different to other weddings.”

Kerrie and Anthony opted for a relaxed theme for their special day, with no ties, hats, flowers or colour schemes, and insisted that guest wore jeans so that they were ready to party. They didn’t have any bridesmaids and instead had their daughter, Farah as the ring bearer – although Kerrie recalls, “my wedding ring had not arrived by the day – so we used a Haribo jelly sweet!”

Farah taking a rest on the glass floor after delivering the Haribo rings

Continuing with the relaxed theme of the day (minus the abseil of course!), the couple chose a large buffet with cocktails, hired a jukebox and a photobooth for the evening, noting how flexible it was to be able to have that choice, “the venue was able to be very flexible”.

“We really liked that the Tower was very light with big windows, so our only decoration were two light trees near the front just to enhance brightness.”

In three words, Kerrie described the Spinnaker Tower as, “fun, light and welcoming”.

We asked Kerrie what the highlight of their special day was and she said:

“Getting married, abseiling and seeing our guests faces when they realised we were on the outside of the Tower, and the party afterwards!”

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Dress: Oasis

Photographer: James Anderson, Outside and Instant