Introducing Local Suppliers – 2 Sisters

Introducing Local Suppliers 2Sisters

Introducing local suppliers 2Sisters! At Spinnaker Tower, we are on a journey to work with a range local suppliers located within the 23-mile radius of us. This year, we got the opportunity to work with one fantastic local supplier for our new Tower Toymaker’s Workshop.

2Sisters are a sign-writing and graphic design duo. They specialising in hand lettering and murals, working with a wide variety of materials. 2Sisters are known for their hand-painted signage and eye-catching designs.

2Sisters began on a sunny afternoon in the Piper household. With the intention of giving new life to old fence panels, they created a range of seaside themed signs, inspired by their love for the beach. Fast forward a few years, and they’re selling in markets and stores across Hampshire. They also specialise in custom designs.

Chloe studied A-Level Photography, Ancient History and Media. She is always working on perfecting her mandala patterns. Lauren has completed her A-levels and recently finished an apprenticeship, specialising in graphic design, media and PR. She now focusses all of her time on sign writing, graphic design, and any creative work that comes her way.

Lauren said: “Creating the mural and signage for the Spinnaker Tower’s Toymaker Workshop was definitely one of the best projects we’ve worked on! We love this time of year. We had so much fun designing and painting in a Christmas style. Also, it’s great seeing our work being used as a backdrop for such a magical event.”

You can find out more about what 2Sisters offer here.