View Things Differently With Christopher Marlowe AKA Baron Hard-Up From Cinderella!

Christopher Marlowe plays Baron Hard-up in this season’s pantomime at the King’s Theatre, Cinderella. He kindly agreed to share his favourite view from Spinnaker Tower on a recent trip to the top, in full costume of course!

How did you get into acting?

I’ve been acting for 37 years; it was a vocational dream of mine. Everyone discouraged it and said I had to have a proper job. But I fought against it and succeeded.

What are you looking forward to most about the panto this year?

The camaraderie with all the cast; we become a little family really. It’s such a busy schedule (with 2 shows a day and 3 on Saturdays) that teamwork becomes such an important thing.

Describe your character in the pantomime?

I play Baron Hard-up, Cinderella’s father. He’s a slightly foolish but lovely old gent who loves Cinderella dearly. He marries his 2nd wife and along with her comes 2 nasty stepdaughters who rule the roost and are horrid to Cinderella. But he manages to get through it because of the love he has for his daughter.

How long have you lived in Portsmouth?

I was born here (I won’t tell you which year) and went to St. John’s. In 1978, I moved to London to seek my fortune and then returned to my home city in the year 2000.

Describe your ideal weekend in Portsmouth

Now I’m of a certain age, I don’t party as much any more. But I do like good wine bars and restaurants and there are plenty of them in Portsmouth with new ones popping up all the time. It’s difficult to pick just one favourite but Cha Chas in Palmerston Road is a brilliant Gallery come café and wine bar I would recommend.

Christopher Marlowe will play Baron in the Kings Theatre’s Christmas Pantomime Cinderella from 8th December – 3rd January 2017, for more details or to book tickets, go to