Top Frequently Asked Questions at Spinnaker Tower

Frequently Asked Questions About Emirates Spinnaker Tower

Who owns Emirates Spinnaker Tower?

Although Emirates Airlines became sponsors in June 2015, Portsmouth City Council retains ownership of the Tower. Moreover, the management of the Tower is handled by Continuum Attractions, responsible for visitor operations and staff training.

Will the external lift ever work?

No, the external lift has been removed, and abseiling has been introduced instead. As a result, we’ve raised over half a million pounds for charity annually.

Do visitors have to climb stairs?

No! And even better, we have a high-speed internal lift. What’s more, it takes just 28 seconds to reach View Deck 1 at 100 meters above sea level.

Where do you abseil from?

The abseiling platform is at 94 meters on one of the Tower’s legs, so visible from the east window. The platform is lowered on the morning of the abseil and is accessible from view deck 1’s stairwell down a small number of stairs.


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How much does the Tower move in the wind?

The Tower can sway up to 150mm in high wind conditions. So, designed to be flexible to accommodate for windy conditions.

How are the lightbulbs changed?

Lightbulbs are changed by our abseiling team, accessing difficult spots including the spire’s aircraft warning light.

Top frequently asked questions at Spinnaker Tower – man in red hat hanging from Spinnaker Tower in harness

How are the windows cleaned?

Our abseiling team cleans the windows every 6-8 weeks using water tanks carried on their backs. How impressive is that!

Is that France visible from the tower?

No. As incredible as the views are from Emirates Spinnaker Tower (they stretch for up to 23 miles), they don’t stretch quite as far as France. Therefore, the island visible from the south window is… the Isle of Wight!

Which ship is Victory? Which one is Warrior?

HMS Warrior 1860 is the iron-hulled warship closest to the Tower, while HMS Victory is painted in black and cream stripes and is located in a dry dock left of the Mary Rose Museum..She and her sister ship HMS Black Prince were the first armour-plated, iron-hulled warships. Moreover, they were built for the Royal Navy in 1859-61.

How strong is the glass floor?

The unique glass floor is made up of 4 panes, each of which measure 2050 x 950mm, giving the floor a total surface area of 7.79m2. Moreover, the overall thickness of the glass is 60mm and can hold a total weight of 288 stone. That means 2 black rhinos could cross the glass floor at the same time without it breaking!

Well, we hope that’s cleared up those questions for you! To find out more about the Tower’s history, construction and the visitor experience, click here.