The team behind the Tower Toymaker’s Workshop

Have you visited our Tower Toymaker’s Workshop? Santa and his elves have been very busy this year meeting all of the excited new recruits for the workshop.

Take a look at some behind the scenes photos of Glitzy Pixie, Merry Snowball, Snowflake, Stripey Tights, Sprinkles and Noel and the helpers who put the workshop together before Santa and his elves arrived.

Father Christmas waving off the latest group of toymaker assistants
Merry Snowball waiting patiently for the mini elves to arrive
Snowflake waiting to play reindeer hoopla with the children
Glitzy Pixie, Sparkles and Jolly Holly
Father Christmas and Glitzy Pixie
Merry Snowball, Father Christmas, Glitzy Pixie and Jingle with 4 week old Finnley
Snowflake standing next to the tree
Fixing the garland and fairy lights
Unboxing the trees ready for the elves to decorate
Our handy elf, Magical Mike built Santa’s cosy corner!
The 2 Sisters designed the murals for the cabin
And the decorating has finished!

Thank you to all of our mini elves that have visited the Toymaker’s Workshop so far. What was your favourite part about the workshop?