Surviving a Family day out – Top Tips!

So, the summer holidays have begun! That means six weeks to entertain the children. We asked family blogger Jen Palmer, who writes the blog Smiles and Trials, to share her family day out experiences and top tips for an enjoyable excursion!

What do you look for in a good day out for the family?

A good family day out needs to be within a two hour radius of where we live, relatively cheap, engaging, and preferably multi-generational fun.

There is tonnes for both children and adults to enjoy at the Tower. The NEW animated pre-show will engage and entertain kids and adults alike; our RIB ship simulator will challenge the kids to hone their sailing skills; and the glass floor is a hit with just about everyone, young or old! Read more about the Tower experience here.

Is there anything that would put you off from visiting?

One of the main things that puts me off visit somewhere is the cost – a lot of attractions in London, particularly, work out at over £80 per family and I strongly feel they are not worth it. Also if an attraction is not easily accessible by public transport, it makes it almost impossible for me to take my children as I do not drive.

By booking the Emirates Spinnaker Tower’s family ticket online, you can save over £5 on our standard admission!*

Top three essentials you always have with you for a family day out?

My top three essentials for a family day out are:

1. Healthy snacks, an absolute must to keep kids from being bored on long journeys or in queues

2. Wet wipes, ideal for all the family as it’s not just little ones who can make a mess over lunch!

3. Spare clothes for any accidents or in case of wet weather

Ever had a family day out nightmare?

We once visited Legoland, taking two trains and a bus, only for it to absolutely hammer with rain on and off all day. We ended up soaked and miserable, though it did mean there were no queues for the rides!

Any tips for navigating public transport?

As I don’t drive, we mostly travel by public transport during the school holidays. Outnumbered 2:1, I find it is important to have my hands free so carry everything we need for the day in a rucksack, with some tickets and cash easily accessible in pockets. On trains, I try and grab a table seat so that the children can easily amuse themselves with paper and pens, and ideally situate us close to the toilet for obvious reasons.

The Tower is easily accessed by train, bus and ferry. Check out our ‘How to Find Us’ page to plan your journey.

What’s the best food option you’ve found on your family days out?
Our favourite food option when out and about is either Pizza Express, as both children will eat there without a fuss, or an onsite cafe, which usually cater to all tastes. On budget days, I pack a picnic.

The Tower benefits from two on-site cafes – one on the Waterfront for you to admire the harbour-side views and the other 105 metres in the air! The Clouds Cafe on View Deck 2 is surrounded by panoramic windows so you can enjoy a refreshment pit-stop before making your way back down to the ground! The Waterfront Café offers an extensive selection of hot and cold meals plus our kids menu ensures there’s something for the whole family.


Come on up to Emirates Spinnaker Tower this summer – book your family ticket today and we’ll see you soon! Read more about Jen and her family adventures on her blog at

*if purchasing two adults, two children at the standard admission rate.