Sky Dining Recipe: South Downs Lamb Bon Bon

We’re excited to share a delicious recipe from Stephanie Moon which forms part of our Sky Dining 2016 main course. Read on below to learn how to make Lamb Bon Bons – yum!

To Serve 12 

4 South Downs Lamb Shanks (Approximately 1kg in weight)
100 g peeled and chopped celeriac
100 g peeled and chopped carrots
100 g peeled and chopped onions
40 g tomato puree
500 ml red wine
3 bay leaves
3 sticks of rosemary
3 large sprigs of thyme
5 cloves of peeled crushed garlic
Rapeseed oil for cooking
Salt and pepper to season


Firstly, trim any excess fat and sinew from the lamb shanks and any tough fibres. Pan fry the shanks in a little vegetable oil to give the meat some colour then place in a deep dish or Pyrex pot with a lid or even a slow cooker.
Fry the vegetables with the fresh herbs. Once they have a little colour, add the tomato puree and cook out for another minute then deglaze the pan with the red wine and add 600 ml of cold lamb stock and pour the mix over the lamb.
Place a tight lid of tin foil over the lamb whilst it cooks in the oven for 1- 1 ½ hours on 170˚c
until the meat is soft and the knife when pressed against the shank comes easily away from the bones. The meat is then allowed to cool and then flaked simply off the bones reducing the lamb juices left in a pan to create a sticky lamb shank gravy (this must be well reduced). Now take the lamb shank flakes of meat and mix with the sticky lamb sauce to create a lamb shank sticky meat you can roll into 12 bon bon shapes (freeze any excess mixture as required).

Allow the bon bon shapes to cool and then roll the bon bon shapes in seasoned flour then beaten egg and panko bread crumbs to create a bon bon with a crispy coating.

Deep fry the bon bons and serve as a great addition to a roasted lamb dish or sticky slow cooked lamb shoulder.