Sky Dining Inspiration: Starter

Discover more about our Sky Dining Series in Sky Dining Inspiration: Starter

Discover Sky Dining Inspiration: Starter with acclaimed chef Steph Moon. She returns this summer for another series of Sky Dining events. And, equipped with a brand new seven course menu for diners to savour. Guests will indulge in the unique fine dining experience. Moreover, this is served 100 metres above sea level, surrounded by the Tower’s incredible night-time views. In this blog series, Steph will take us through each course to share her culinary inspiration.

Course number three: Starter

Brill from the Solent, king scallop and steamed Prawn dumpling, Pak choi, Ginger, Soy and Lime

“This dish works really well as the Brill was recommended to me by Andrew Johnson and his daughter from Johnsons Enterprises during a conversation about the best local fish to use so it just had to be part of the menu!

Sky Dining Inspiration: Starter - Clams

The King Scallop is used as the dish is served in the scallop shell and the steamed prawn dumpling is amazing. We use gyoza dumpling pastry, wrap this and steam it with lemon. It is really zingy and fresh.

Meanwhile, Pak choi is a crisp green vegetable, lovely and juicy and combined with the ginger, soy and lime, it is a very light summery dish ideal for a balmy Portsmouth evening. Served overlooking the Solent where the Brill came from, there is only one word for that- yes you got it – Brill!”

A fantastic celebration of local seafood on this dish – yum! 

Image credit: Scallops by Jeremy Keith, provided under the Creative Commons Attribution license.