Sky Dining Inspiration: Dessert

Glimpse into our Sky Dining series with Sky Dining Inspiration: Dessert

Sky Dining Inspiration: Dessert is brought to you by the acclaimed chef Steph Moon. She returns this summer for another series of Sky Dining events, with a brand new seven course menu for diners to savour. Guests will indulge in the unique fine dining experience, served 100 metres above sea level, surrounded by the Tower’s incredible night-time views. In this blog series, Steph will take us through each course to share her culinary inspiration.

Sky Dining Inspiration: Dessert - cherries Course number six: Dessert

Blackmoor fruit cherry plate with chocolate and pistachio

Cherry mousse, dark chocolate marquise and fresh macerated cherries, cherry crumble and a cherry sherbet

Served alongside pistachio cake, pistachio cream and a chocolate pannacotta

“Blackmoor grow 7 different types of cherries so the season is longer and all the cherries ripen over a few months which makes great sense to me – Will and the team up there are doing a great job. So, the idea of taking the humble cherry and cooking it up in lots of different ways is so fun. The white chocolate goes well with this and the pistachio adds a lovely crunch. Great colours and a lovely light way to finish the meal.”

There’s one more course to come! You can read all about the preceding five courses in our Sky Dining culinary journey by clicking here for the dedicated blog series.