Sky Dining 2019 with Wild Gastro

Emirates Spinnaker Tower is delighted to announce a brand new approach for its 2019 pop-up restaurant event, Sky Dining.

At the iconic 170 metre tall landmark, local catering company, Wild Gastro will be bringing their exclusive menu to new heights with local produce and sensational flavours combined with spectacular night-time views.

We caught up with James, one of the chefs from Wild Gastro to chat all things food.

EST: Welcome to the Tower! We are so pleased to have you. What are you most looking forward to about the Sky Dining experience?
WG: Creating a wonderful menu for our diners to enjoy, using some of the very best produce Hampshire has to offer – plus, working at a great venue with amazing views is always a bonus!

EST: You are new to our Sky Dining event at the Tower. Can you tell us a bit more about you and your previous experience?
WG: Russell and I worked together previously, and so when he created Wild Gastro Catering 3 years ago, we joined together and have worked closely ever since. We both have passion and a flair to create the very best food for weddings and events and now this is a great opportunity for us to show what we can do in a restaurant style.

EST: Your Sky Dining menu will take place on Saturday 27th July and 17th August. What can we expect from the menu?

WG: We aim to provide the very best produce to showcase what Wild Gastro stands for. Our menus take 2/3 key ingredients and then we build upon that to create a great dish.

EST: Guests will indulge in a unique dining experience, showcasing a range of produce from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Which local Hampshire and IOW suppliers will feature in your menu?
WG: We use a wide range of local suppliers as we know that they stand for high quality. Some of them include tomatoes from The Tomato Stall on the Isle of Wight, mozzarella from Laverstoke Park Farm and mushrooms and fresh berries from the New Forest. Our meats are supplied by Owtons Butchers who source from local farms in Hampshire.

EST: Which of the courses are you most looking forward to sharing with your diners?
WG: For us it has to be the cured trout starter. It’s a true summer dish which is fresh and so vibrant in colour.

EST: Over the years, we are sure you have tried a great range of flavour combinations! If you had to choose your final meal, what would it be?
WG: I have a rather sweet tooth, so flavours of lemon raspberry and basil are my favourite in a dessert. You will taste my favourite dessert as yours on the evening.

EST: We are certain all our guests are going to LOVE the unique dining experience and want to know where they can next taste your food! Where/what else might we catch you doing for the rest of this year?
WG: We now operate from the Roebuck Inn in Wickham, which means you can come and enjoy some of our delicious dishes all year round. We are also the sole caterer at the Three Choirs Vineyard in Shedfield, so if you’re attending any events there, do say hi!

To keep up to date with Wild Gastro, visit Wild Gastro’s social media channels or website