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Emirates Spinnaker Tower is the centrepiece of the £88 million ‘Renaissance of Portsmouth Harbour’ redevelopment project, which is supported by the Millennium Commission. It has been designed as an icon for the future of Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.
As a flagship building for Portsmouth it encourages tourists and development into the region, creating jobs and attracting events and revenue into the area.


Anyone living in the following postcode areas are eligible to receive a *25% discount off the standard ‘on the day’ All Day ticket to Emirates Spinnaker Tower: PO1 – PO6, PO7 5AT, 5AU, 5AX, 5AY, 5AZ, 5BA, 5BS, 5BT, 5BU, PO12 & PO13/

This discount cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other offer or promotional ticket, and is not valid against the online advanced ticket rate.
The operators reserve the right to restrict or refuse discounted admission on special event days.
Children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.


To receive your resident’s discount, you must provide the following two proofs of residency at the point of purchase. Identification in the form of:

  • photo ID with address or
  • a utility bill/authorised letter with a name and address on it or
  • a valid Portsmouth Leisure Card and
  • a cross-referenced bank/membership/store card with your name and signature. You may be asked for a signature.

Discounts will be available to the claimant and his/her family living within the same house up to six people. The discount does not apply to visiting family.

Claimant must be present and purchase all tickets at the time of entrance.