National Video Games Day: Spotlight on Altitude VR experience

12th September marks National Video Games day, and we thought what better way to celebrate than to showcase our amazing virtual reality experience, Altitude.

Altitude is a virtual reality simulation that gives our guests the chance to experience the Spinnaker Tower like never before – out on the ribs, open to the elements!

The experience was built by award-winning virtual reality studio, Polymerse who are based in Eastleigh.

Polymerse began by building a detailed CGI model of the tower and surrounding skyline, incorporating all of the amazing features from our spectacular view. They then set out to create a selection of sky-high challenges.

The headset transports our guests from the comfort and safety of view deck one out on to one of the iconic ribs below. At 90 metres above Portsmouth Harbour, guests are challenge to retain their balance whilst walking along the rib and taking on various challenges such as coin collecting or ringing a virtual bell from the end of the tower. It takes courage and a strong stomach to complete the challenge!

We caught up with Ben Barton, Managing Director at Polymerse.

EST: What did you enjoy about creating the Altitude virtual reality experience?
Ben: “Working with the Spinnaker Tower was a unique opportunity. Location-based VR; where the virtual environment mirrors or is similar to the real world can be very powerful. Getting to build a VR experience that is an extension to the 100m height and view from the Spinnaker Tower was an exciting challenge and a real privilege.

EST: “What makes creating virtual reality experiences so exciting?
Ben: Compared to other mediums there are minimal to no restrictions. We are able to take people to completely new environments. This gives us the opportunity to be truly creative. The limitations are our imagination.”

EST: How long does a project like Altitude take to complete?
Ben: “It depends on the complexity, but 6 months is a good guide for something like Altitude.”  

Emirates Spinnaker Tower visitors can experience Altitude for just £4 per person, available to purchase on View Desk One during their visit.