Key Stage 1 Education Resources

The following educational resources are designed for key stage 1 pupils and free for you to download.  They are linked to relevant curriculum subjects and have clear learning objectives for your class.

NEW – Terrific Towers

This cross-curricular activity is fully aligned and linked to the new National Curriculum subjects for:
Maths, Computing, English, Geography and Art

Terrific Towers KS1 Pre-Visit Resource : Estimate and measure different units of length including their own height.
Terrific Towers KS1 Pre-Visit Worksheet
Emirates Spinnaker Tower image

Terrific Towers KS1 Self-led Visit Resource: Measure our own height against the height of the Emirates Spinnaker Tower.
Terrific Towers KS1 Visit Worksheet

Terrific Towers KS1 Post-Visit Resource:  Research different facts about the tower and create an information poster about it.
Terrific Towers KS1 Post Visit Worksheet


Through the Porthole

A fun 15 minute activity to do during a self-led visit with links to Art, Maths and English.
Through the Porthole KS1 Worksheet: “What can you see today?”
Please pre-book your complimentary prop-box for use with this worksheet.  This contains 30 ‘portholes’ to stick to the windows, blue tac and pictures for discussion with your pupils.

Treasure Hunt

A fun 15 minute activity to do during a self-led visit with links to English and Geography.
KS1 Treasure Hunt self-led worksheet: Search out points in the view, complete the clues using our view interpretation graphics and work out where the treasure is buried!


Head in the Clouds – coming soon

Pupils will explore the different weather and weather systems that shape coasts and lands across the following National Curriculum subjects:  Maths, English, Music, Art, Geography and Science

Head in the Clouds Pre-visit resources:
To understand the engineering and design challenges to create a windmill to take to the top of the Tower.
To use weather sayings and musical sounds to inspire story writing

Head in the Clouds Self-led Visit resource: To use the view from the Tower to learn about the Water Cycle and the different types of weather.

Head in the Clouds Post-Visit resource:
To understand that different parts of the world have different climates to lead into the weather in those regions.
To recognise that different places in the world have different kinds of weather and how this can be measured.


Changing Coastline – coming soon

Exploring the changing coastlines and the impact a variety of factors have on the shifting seas, this cross-curricular activity is fully aligned and linked to the National Curriculum subjects for:
Geography, English, Computing and Art

Changing Coastline Pre-Visit resource:  To use geographical language to describe maps and to make a map of the classroom.

Changing Coastline Self-led Visit resource:
To collect and record evidence of geographical features from Emirates Spinnaker Tower
To recognise coastal features in the harbour and record them in a drawn map
Observe and document different shapes
Understand compass directions
Work together in pairs

Changing Coastline Post-Visit resource:  To make a 3D map of the Emirates Spinnaker Tower and the coastline in Portsmouth


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