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Key Stage 1 Education Resources

The following educational resources are designed for key stage 1 pupils and free for you to download.  They are linked to relevant curriculum subjects and have clear learning objectives for your class.

Terrific Towers

This cross-curricular activity is fully aligned and linked to the new National Curriculum subjects for:
Maths, Computing, English, Geography and Art

Terrific Towers KS1 Pre-Visit Resource : Estimate and measure different units of length including their own height.
Terrific Towers KS1 Pre-Visit Worksheet
Emirates Spinnaker Tower image

Terrific Towers KS1 Self-led Visit Resource: Measure our own height against the height of the Emirates Spinnaker Tower.
Terrific Towers KS1 Visit Worksheet

Terrific Towers KS1 Post-Visit Resource:  Research different facts about the tower and create an information poster about it.
Terrific Towers KS1 Post Visit Worksheet


Through the Porthole

A fun 15 minute activity to do during a self-led visit with links to Art, Maths and English.
Through the Porthole KS1 Worksheet: “What can you see today?”
Please pre-book your complimentary prop-box for use with this worksheet.  This contains 30 ‘portholes’ to stick to the windows, blue tac and pictures for discussion with your pupils.

Treasure Hunt

A fun 15 minute activity to do during a self-led visit with links to English and Geography.
KS1 Treasure Hunt self-led worksheet: Search out points in the view, complete the clues using our view interpretation graphics and work out where the treasure is buried!


NEW – Changing Coastline

Exploring the changing coastlines and the impact a variety of factors have on the shifting seas, this cross-curricular activity is fully aligned and linked to the National Curriculum subjects for:
Geography, English, Computing and Art

Changing Coastline Pre-Visit resource:  To use geographical language to describe maps and to make a map of the classroom.

Changing Coastline Self-led Visit resource:
To collect and record evidence of geographical features from Emirates Spinnaker Tower
To recognise coastal features in the harbour and record them in a drawn map
Observe and document different shapes
Understand compass directions
Work together in pairs

Changing Coastline Self-led Visit worksheet (upper)  
Changing Coastline Self-led Visit worksheet (lower)  

Changing Coastline Post-Visit resource:  To make a 3D map of the Emirates Spinnaker Tower and the coastline in Portsmouth
Changing Coastline Post-Visit recipe   


Head in the Clouds – coming soon

Pupils will explore the different weather and weather systems that shape coasts and lands across the following National Curriculum subjects: Maths, English, Music, Art, Geography and Science.


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