Celebrating our Isle of Wight suppliers on Isle of Wight Day!

At Spinnaker Tower, we are on an exciting journey to work with local suppliers that are within the 23 mile radius of our breath-taking view, giving our guests a real taste of Portsmouth.

The 21st September marks Isle of Wight Day, and we are taking this opportunity to celebrate our amazing Isle of Wight suppliers. Isle of Wight Day is an annual carnival of events across the island to celebrate all that is good and magical about the Isle of Wight, with live entertainment, parades, food and drink and parties.

Find out more about our Isle of Wight suppliers and what they are up to:

Isle of Wight Distillery

The Isle of Wight Distillery create a range of high quality, hand-crafted spirits for adventurous spirit drinkers who demand exceptional flavours and authenticity. The signature smooth delivery and layered complexity of their spirits is achieved through a small batch slow distillation using local and sustainable ingredients to create an expression of the beautiful island.

Over the past few months, Isle of Wight Distillery have had great success in the launch of their new Mermaid Gin bottles. Owners Xavier Baker and Conrad Gauntlett aimed to create a stunning, environmentally-friendly bottle, using 100% plastic-free materials. In addition to this, they will soon be piloting a refill scheme at the distillery, enabling customers on the Island to have bottles refilled on site.

You can find the Isle of Wight Distillery team at lots of events across the Isle of Wight, from Isle of Wight Festival, Great Wonderfest, Cowes Week and Northwood House Gin Festival.

Rick Astley dropping by to see the Isle of Wight Distillery back stage at Isle of Wight Festival 2019.
Mermaid Gin at Cowes Week 2019.
Mermaid Gin bar at Great Wonderfest 2019.
Northwood House Gin Festival Bar, including display of Mermaid Gin.

The Garlic Farm

The Garlic Farm grow many different varieties of garlic which originate from across the globe. Colin Boswell the garlic farmer has travelled widely to select the highest quality garlic types which are then trialled at the farm for their suitability for UK climate.

These are then grown in quantity at the farm on the Isle of Wight and with partner growers to give customers a range of garlic with different characteristics and qualities. As well as a full complement of garlic there is also a wide range of delicious condiments such as chutneys, pickles, relishes, mayonnaises and jams along with many other garlic infused products, including their very own Garlic Beer!

The Garlic Farm, Garlic Beer, which you can find in our Gift Shop!

You can find The Garlic Farm team at lots of events across the Island too, including the Garlic Festival, Great Wonderfest, Isle of Wight Festival or you can pop along to the farm. They have a farm shop and restaurant on site and a schedule of different events throughout the year.

The Garlic Farm Festival Food Stall.
Fatboy Slim showing off his favourite Garlic Farm products at Isle of Wight Festival.

Red Snapper with a Wight Twist Recipe

Red Snapper with a Wight Twist is made up of Isle of Wight Tomatoes Juice, The Garlic Farm Vampire Slayer and Isle of Wight Distillery’s Mermaid Gin – the perfect mix for a devilish pick me up!

Gianpoalo Mario Photography

Gianpoalo Mario is a photographer from Ventnor on the Isle of Wight who has a passion for all things creative. Photography and the outdoors have always been very significant in his life since he inherited his Grandpa’s SLR camera in the 1980s. Gianpoalo is self-taught and uses photography as a tool to express his art and to record inspirational things he sees in day-to-day life, mainly inspired by nature, the sea, the seasons, his family and the beautiful surroundings of the area that he lives in.

The sea is never the same on any two days which is why photographing seascapes is so challenging and interesting for Gianpoalo. Whether enjoying glorious sunshine, getting soaking wet, freezing cold or a mixture of the above, one thing he loves is being outdoors taking photos, because there are always new vistas to be seen. Gianpoalo is always exploring new places, discovering new paths, vantage points and unusual perspectives, trying different techniques and striving to be creative and original, whether it be day or night.

The Clouds Cafe captured by Gianpaolo.
View Deck 1, 100 meters up, captured by Gianpaolo.
External Tower shot from Gunwharf Quays captured by Gianpaolo.
External Tower and tail shot captured by Gianpaolo.

Gianpoalo has a gallery on Ventnor Seafront and his work is often displayed in local restaurants and cafes in Ventnor, but if you’re not from the island and like some of his images then simply give him a message on his social media pages!

Gianpaolo’s gallery on Ventnor Seafront.

Head to our Clouds Café, 105 metres up whilst looking over to the Isle of Wight with a glass of Isle of Wight Mermaid Gin & Hartridges Tonic in hand, or discover sensational garlic creations and breath-taking photography prints in our souvenir & gift shop. Find out more about what else you can find in our gift shop today!