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Weather Image Gallery

Emirates Spinnaker Tower is a great viewing platform for some of the most incredible weather!  Visit us at any time of year and you’ll discover spectacular scenery made all the more interesting by the changeable British weather!

On a stormy day the cloud formations over the Solent are some of the most beautiful sights you’ll see.  Watch as the clouds roll in and the rain begins to fall, changing the view dramatically.  Equally, whilst you may not be able to see the full 23 miles of view on a foggy day, what you will experience is an eerily beautiful scene as buildings and boats appear and disappear mysteriously in veils of cloud.   For a truly up close and exhilarating weather experience, ascend Emirates Spinnaker Tower on a windy day and venture up to the Crow’s Nest which is open to the elements – feel the Tower sway up to 15cm and let the gusts blow through your hair!

Enjoy some of our beautiful weather photos below, and if you have any of your own we’d love you to share them with us – on our Facebook page.

Emirates Spinnaker Tower lit up by lightening is credited to Paul Jacobs and was originally taken from this the following article: http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/electrical-storm-lights-up-spinnaker-tower-in-style-1-